The Lundberg Institute Mission

The purpose of the Lundberg Institute, a non-profit organization, is to forge a patient-physician alliance based on trust, providing research, education, leadership, strategies, and communications that promote evidence-informed, efficient, and effective health care delivery to benefit the health and well-being of patients, physicians, and the public.

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Curious Dr. George Blog

Curious Dr. George | Plumbing the Core and Nibbling at the Margins of Cancer

Serious Caveats in Screening for Pancreatic Cancer

A Q&A with Rama Gullapalli, MD, PhD; a a physician-scientist in the departments of Pathology, Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of New Mexico. His research lab focuses on the role of the environment in hepatobiliary cancers. He is also a practicing molecular pathologist with an interest in emerging molecular diagnostics, next generation sequencing […]

Curious Dr. George | Plumbing the Core and Nibbling at the Margins of Cancer

Encouraging and Paying for Clinical Trials, Right to Try, and Expanded Access: Part Three

A Q&A with Mark Shapiro, PhD,Vice President of Clinical Development at xCures, Inc., Partner at Pharma Initiatives; mshapiro@xcures.com. This is the final installment in a three-part series in which Dr. Shapiro has shared his thoughts on the question below. Read part 1 and part 2. Q: Treatment of Americans with advanced cancer is complex and challenging and can be very expensive. Many urge greater […]