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The Worst Phony Cancer Cures

Stephen Barrett, MD, Retired Psychiatrist; Medical Editor for Quackwatch.org and 24 other consumer-protection Web sites; Publisher for Consumer Health Digest; Chapel Hill, NC; Email: sbinfo@quackwatch.org Q: Who tops your list as the most brazen promoters of phony cancer cures in the past 25 years? A: Three people come to mind: Gregory Caplinger, Hulda Clark, and […]

Nordic Country Tobacco Control

Astrid Nylenna, MD, Acting Head of Department, Department of Global Health, Norwegian Directorate of Health, Oslo, Norway; Email: Astrid.Nylenna@helsedir.no Q: Norway has been very active in tobacco control and prevention with some success. To what do you attribute the success Norway has had and are there any lessons from other Scandinavian countries that might be […]

Surprise: Vitamin K2 and Cancer

Micki Jacobs, Independent Researcher, Dayton, OH; Email: mickijacobs@yahoo.com Q: You know a great deal about Vitamin K2 and its precursors in human health and disease. What is the best evidence of any value of Vitamin K2, Menadione, Menaquinone-4, and Menaquinone-7 in the prevention or treatment of any forms of cancer? A: Evidence and interest for […]

Precision Medicine in the Universal Healthcare System in the Netherlands

Jack A. Schalken, PhD, Professor of Experimental Urology, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, NL Email: Jack.Schalken@radboudumc.nl Q: Science is universal but the practice of medicine varies widely by geography, economics, and culture. The Netherlands is an advanced developed country with universal healthcare. How does your country approach the issue of precision or molecular oncology? A: The […]

The Role of “Rapid Science” in Facilitating and Rewarding Collaboration in Biomedical Research

Sarah Greene, MS, Chief Executive Officer, Rapid Science, Brooklyn, NY; Email sg@rapidscience.org Q: You are the leader of Rapid Science, an innovative initiative intended to speed up the process of research and validation of new information, and its use in practice, especially in Cancer. Can you explain this effort briefly for our readers, particularly that […]

Q&A: Air Traffic Control for Cancer

David K. Cundiff, MD, Retired internist and palliative care physician from LA County + USC Medical Center; Email: dkcundiff@whistleblowerdoctor.org. Jeff Shrager, PhD, Director of Research, Cancer Commons; Adjunct Professor, Symbolic Systems Program, Stanford University; Email: jshrager@gmail.com. Q: After May 17, 2017, you and Jeff Shrager engaged in a robust discussion about the place, if any, for an […]

Options to Treat a Glioblastoma

Al Musella, DPM, President, Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc., Hewlett, NY; Email: musella@virtualtrials.com Phone: 888-295-4740 Q: You direct an established foundation that supports research and information about brain tumors. What would you do if you yourself were diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)? A: Now that GBMs are in the news […]

Lung Cancer Screening…The Clock is Ticking

Paul R Billings MD, PhD, CEO and Chairman of Synergenz LTD Q: Lung cancer screening of smokers (spiral CT over 3 years) is paid for by CMS (reimbursement), has a B endorsement from USPTF (method endorsement), and lots of NEJM papers (academic evidence). As many as 8M eligibles noted since 2012. No more than 400K […]